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Welcome to the PXP GENIUS Website…

This website is dedicated to the sheer GENIUS behind PXP. Never before has there been a health product that could profoundly change so many lives. If you or someone you care about is struggling with any kind of health condition—any kind—pay close attention to the important message from the conference calls below. Listen closely as Doctors and users of PXP share one of the most important health breakthroughs in decades.

Very few products on this earth can bring back youthful energy. But PXP can. As one man said, “I was becoming a very old man in a hurry…and then I found PXP.” PXP is changing lives like no health product we know of anywhere in the world today. Listen closely for the next few minutes to one or more of these fascinating recordings below…and you’ll understand why.

GENIUS in a Bottle! 

Dear friend,

A simple suggestion to help you get the most out of this web page: If you only have time to listen to one call right now, we recommend you listen to call #1. If you have time for more than one call, we recommend you listen to the others in the order they are listed below. Enjoy!

1. What Makes PXP Royale So Special...with Dr. Jack Tips? —64 minutes

This call is one of the most requested. Dr. Tips shares some of his profound insights as to why PXP Royale is the most life-changing product to date. We think you’ll love this!! It’s packed full of invaluable information.

2. Conference call with Dr. Jack Tips discusses Mitochondria Dysfunction—48 minutes

Dr. Tips goes into detail about how to go from Fatigued to Fantastic!

3. Conference call with Dr. Jack Tips INTRO—55 minutes

Conducted by Dr. Jack Tips, this call goes deeper into the very basics of PXP, how it works, the results it’s getting and how it’s changing lives everyday. If you’re new to PXP this will give you a fundamental understanding of it—and very likely inspire you to try it and experience for yourself it’s extraordinary results.

4. Conference call with Dr. Jack Tips—54 minutes

On this call Dr. Tips shares in detail the amazing results he got with 164 of his patients, who tried PXP. Listen to this call and you’ll get a sense of the powerful effect PXP can have upon many different health conditions.

5. Conference call with Dr. Jack Tips—the SCIENCE of PXP—36 minutes

This call is for those who want a slightly more scientific explanation of PXP. This was a very popular call with Dr. Tips. 

6. Conference call with Dr. Doug Gabbert plus amazing testimonials—37 minutes

This conference call is perfect if you’re short on time and you just want to get a quick taste of the power of PXP—and the way it’s transforming lives. There are 4 “jaw dropping” testimonials on this call demonstrating that PXP is a revolutionary health breakthrough, the likes of which we’ve not seen in decades. Followiing the testimonials Dr. Gabbert gives us deeper insight into the true nature of PXP and how it can be so incredible.

7. Conference call with Dr. Jack Tips on Enzacta’s Product Line—70 minutes

Find out about all of Enzacta’s wonderful products which can enhance your life through proper nutrition. From Alfa PXP Royale’s profound effects on addressing chronic health conditions and it’s ability to turn back the clock of age. To Alfa Energy’s activating capacity to hydrate your cells to help accept nutrients into your body more effectively. To increasing your oxygen absorption and overcome fatigue with Alfa B12. And, Alfa HFI’s powerful weapon to prevent viruses from entering your cells.

Thank you for listening to these audio programs about this major health breakthrough. To get a bottle or two of PXP right away and begin to experience its amazing benefits, please get back to the person who introduced you to PXP. And by the way, if you know someone who’s struggling with their health or just plain tired and low on energy a lot of the time, please pass this web page on to them. Health wise, you may be doing them the biggest favor of their life.  

PXP… the Einstein of Health Regeneration Formulas

Please note: If you want to know more about PXP and how it works, be sure and click on the ’Articles’ menu section of the website and read the article entitled The Power of PXP.

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